The Government Wants You To Share Your Energy Data

The energy section of the 2018-19 Budget has revealed a large focus on affordability. Part of that plan has been through the introduction of a Consumer Data Right - a comparison services designed to get consumers the best energy deal. By sharing their data.

In August 2017 the Government reached an agreement with major electricity retailers in order to ensure that Aussies get the best deals on their energy bills. 180,000 customer have since switched to in order to save money.

This was in the wake of the Limited Merits Review regime, which was abolished in the same year. This scheme allowed electricity providers to appeal regulatory pricing decisions and charge more.

The Government are now saying they want to take this a step further, by asking customers to share their data with comparison services and alternative energy suppliers in order to get the best possible deal. This will be in addition to the $8.1 billion that was previously used to enhance the Energy made Easy comparison site.

The Budget states that the data sharing will be completely safe and to the benefit of the consumer.

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