Tesla Already Releasing Firmware Updates After Reported Braking Issues

Tesla Already Releasing Firmware Updates After Reported Braking Issues
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Last week news broke over a Consumer Reports review of the Tesla Model 3, which found it to have significant braking issues. Tesla CEO Elon Musk subsequently assured people on Twitter that this could be rectified with a firmware update.

He took to social media again yesterday, confirming that these updates began rolling out several days ago.

Attention was brought to this issue when Consumer Reports found that the the Model 3 has problems when braking at high speeds.

“The Tesla’s stopping distance of 152 feet from 60 mph was far worse than any contemporary car we’ve tested and about 7 feet longer than the stopping distance of a Ford F-150 full-sized pickup.”

But that is apparently on its way to being fixed. Because the motor of a Tesla is controlled by a computer, firmware updates can improve on things that would require manufacturer attention in regular cars – this includes the brakes.

Replying to a Twitter user, Musk stated that the update will allegedly improve braking distance by twenty feet during repeated heavy braking events.

Despite initially stating in a tweet that Consumer Reports reviewed an older model of the car, Musk also thanked them for their feedback in the tweet.

Consumer Reports have also said that they will revise the braking performance of the Model 3 once the updates roll out. Let’s see if the EV can get a recommendation from them this time around.

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