Stare In Awe, Disbelief, And Envy At This Console-Covered Boombox For Gamers

YouTube’s My Mate VINCE has a knack for wiring modern video game consoles to old-school TVs. After perfecting his skills, he’s hacked together what is undoubtedly his greatest, most absurd creation: a resurrected boombox that lets gamers play their favourite titles anywhere they’re strong enough to carry this monstrosity.

At the core of this portable is an old-school Radio Shack boombox that features a tiny, built-in, black-and-white CRT TV: a feature that would have blown my mind when I was a kid. Strapped to the boombox with zip ties is also a Nintendo Switch, an SNES Classic Edition, a PSTV, a Wii Mini, and all of the cables and digital-to-analogue convertor boxes needed to wire the modern hardware into the stereo’s antique RF input.

As portable gaming devices go, this one barely qualifies, particularly after you add in all the extra weight of the clunky battery packs needed to keep everything powered. Maybe just buy a 3DS instead?