Sense8's First Finale Trailer Promises Action And Answers

Sense8, the feverish dream orgy concocted by Lana Wachowski (in collaboration with people like her sister Lilly Wachowski, J. Michael Straczynski, Tom Tykwer, and James McTeigue) was canceled after airing a truly exceptional finale that asked big questions - and more crucially - promised actual answers. Now it's getting one last hurrah courtesy of Netflix, and the trailer for the big event suggests that at least one more Sense8 spouse is about to learn they married a collective.

If you've missed out on Sense8 until now the main thing to know is that it's about a group of eight people who now share a single consciousness. This is explored in the show by having them make-out with each other a lot, and group fight people. It's awesome. Surprisingly many of their significant others do not know about the nature of the world of Sense8, which means many of them are pretty freaked out by the whole collective consciousness thing.

In the trailer we see what appears to be one spouse bear witness to some extreme Sense8 action, and it looks like all the others might be in on the secret by the end of the finale. Which is great! As is the suggestion that we'll get a totally satisfying finale with all the major questions succinctly answered. (Please please please give us a totally satisfying finale with all the major questions succinctly answered I need at least one perfect repeat binge show and this could be it.)

And even if we don't get that it looks like we'll still get a lot of what made Sense8 such a good show to begin with: Creative action sequences and big queer romance scenes.

Sense8 returns to Netflix with a two-hour finale June 8.

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