Samsung's Smart Washing Machine: Australian Price And Release Date

Image: Samsung

I didn't think I could ever get excited about doing the washing. Or what temperature to wash at. Or to actually separate my clothes. And then I had a play with the Samsung QuickDrive. Here's when you can get it and how much it will cost.

Connectivity is key with the QuickDrive. With Samsung Smart Things and Q-rator compatibility, you can optimise your wash.

The app creates recipes based off what you want to wash - telling the user what shouldn't be mixed, the correct temperature and the wash time.

You can also control the cycle right from your phone - even when you're out of the house. So hopefully you can avoid damp, smelly clothes that have been sitting in the machine for six hours after they finishing washing.

Image: Samsung

And for those of you who always forget the odd sock or piece of underwear, the AddWash pouch on the front lets you add items without stopping the cycle.

"QuickDriveTM represents a fundamental change in how we can design and engineer washing machines in order to save people time. It helps dramatically cut the time to do laundry, giving our customers time back in their busy lives," said Jeremy Senior, Director, Home Appliances Samsung Electronics Australia.

"Our products are designed based on insight about real people and real lives. QuickDriveTM brings meaningful innovation into the home to help best manage and speed up our home chores.

"We’re also excited to introduce the new Q-rator laundry assistant to provide more useful connectivity features that help you select the optimal wash cycle for each load and allow you to start, stop and monitor your wash remotely" added Senior.

Samsung's QuickDrive washer is available now and is prices at $1,999 RRP for the crystal gloss door and $2,199 RRP for the blue door. For more information, visit the Samsung website.

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