Putin Has Started Fanging Around In A Russian-Made Limo

Putin Has Started Fanging Around In A Russian-Made Limo
Image: Sputnik News

Vladimir Putin has been inaugurated As Russian president for the fourth time. In what seems to be a poignant symbolic gesture, he rolled up the the Krelim in a Russian-made armoured limousine called the Kortezh. At over 6.6 metres long and weighing 6.5 tonnes, it’s a god damn unit.

The new limo is the first Russian-produced presidential car since the 90s. For the past several decades Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles have filled the role.

Reuters reported that one guest at the inauguration commented that, “It’s cooler than Trump’s.”

When it comes to specs, it’s all speculation at this point. However, Russian media outlets are reporting that around that the Kortezh project has been in development since 2012 and is being produced by Russian research institute NAMI, in partnership with Russian carmaker Sollers.

There are apparently 100 other Kortezh vehicles being built for government use, and that there are plans for sedan versions to be sold to the public. Sales will allegedly begin in 2019, with a limit of 200 units. You have to love that prestige and exclusivity in a Communist country.

You can watch Putin take his inaugural ride right here: