Looking Like A Billion Buckeroos: An Outdoor Style Guide For America’s Richest Nerds

Looking Like A Billion Buckeroos: An Outdoor Style Guide For America’s Richest Nerds

What do you get the person who has it all? A little self-awareness, especially when it comes to their outfit of choice. But Silicon Valley’s ultra-rich have recently abandoned the premise of “uniforms boost my brain power” for a more reasonable “I’m rich, so maybe I should own an actual jacket.”

Sometimes even the style-deficient can put together an outfit worth complimenting, especially one perfect for the enjoying spring in the great outdoors. Listen up, one per cent. Here’s some fashion advice. You need it.

First, Work With Your Assets

If there’s one thing Jeff Bezos knows, besides how little his company is paying in taxes, it’s how to colour coordinate. In this photograph, set in what looks to be the Wild West, the world’s richest human clearly demonstrates his affection toward all things blue with a simple crew neck shirt and a pair of faded boot-cut jeans.

That juxtaposition in saturation definitely helps show off Bezos’ massive gains, especially against the white backdrop that is a Blue Origin space pod. Of course, a look isn’t complete without some accessories, and Bezos nails the down and dirty look, complete with authentic soil covering those partially exposed boots. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this space cowboy (who is also the owner of a Texas ranch) is more at home on the range than in an artificial rainforest.

Don’t Forget, Always Bet on Black

On the Westworld set with my bro @kimbalmusk

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As a man of moderately good taste and extraordinary amounts of cash to burn, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk knows how to dress it down when he needs to up his cool quotient, especially when on a television set. Musk (seen here with his brother, Kimbal) embraces that “dark knight “aesthetic, opting for a simple black shirt and black jeans with what appear to be a pair of black monk strap boots. The dark brown jacket saves him from looking like a Texan undertaker, lightening the somber palette just enough to keep Musk mysterious, just how Grimes likes him.

In Conclusion, Less is More

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When you’re onstage, headlining a keynote about the role your company will play in future of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you probably want to let the robots do the talking. That means eschewing the cowboy aesthetic and opting for a more casual look, nailed by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. In jeans, some black sneakers, and a positively G9 Baracuta jacket, Pichai’s got that everyman look. Pichai has a history of embracing the minimal, especially when out in the sun for Google I/O, surrounded by thousands of Android developers and their wifi hotspots.