Leaked Tremors TV Show Trailer Shows The Sandworm Schtick That Could’ve Been

Leaked Tremors TV Show Trailer Shows The Sandworm Schtick That Could’ve Been

Video: The best kind of Bacon, Kevin Bacon, won’t be fighting Graboids after all, as it was announced last month that Syfy wouldn’t be picking up the Tremors television show to series. The actor has since shared a leaked trailer for his dead monster saga, leaving some hardcore Tremors fans relieved and others wondering why the hell Syfy chose to leave these sandworms underground.

The best kind of Bacon returns to the town where it all began. Image: Valentine McKee (Vimeo)

In 2015, Bacon announced that he and Blumhouse Productions would be making a TV show reboot of Tremors. And while Syfy has passed on the pilot, we’re now getting a taste of what this latest adaptation would have been.

Honestly, it isn’t a bad premise. Taking place decades after the original invasion, the sandworms look to have returned to the town of Perfection, Nevada. Bacon’s Valentine McKee is back to save the day, but residents feel he’s merely trying to relive the glory days. It’s cheesy, cheap-looking and very Tremors.

It’s bad enough when a hoped-for series doesn’t end up happening (I’m still crossing my fingers that the Charmed reboot gets picked up), but in the wake of Syfy cancelling its run of The Expanse after three seasons, knowing that they also passed up on this series has hit hard for some sci-fi fans.

Though I know at least one person who’s relieved the series isn’t happening: My husband, who’s a diehard Tremors fan and has seen all six (!) films in the series so far (don’t ask why, I’ve tried). I asked him about the trailer, and let’s just say he isn’t sad it didn’t get picked up.

The reason? Apparently, by saying the Graboids disappeared after the events of the first film, it ignores all the sequels that have since come out, which have placed sandworms in countries all around the world. Also, it doesn’t feature Michael Gross, the only actor who’s appeared in every single Tremors movie so far – including the latest, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, where Graboids invade the Arctic.

Whether you were eager to see Bacon fight some sandworms, or are holding a grudge that the TV show didn’t care about most of its own franchise, Syfy’s Tremors is one failed pilot that has definitely left an impression.

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