John Boyega Drops An Intriguing Hint About Finn In Star Wars: Episode IX

John Boyega Drops An Intriguing Hint About Finn In Star Wars: Episode IX

There’s more rumours about the comics that could inspire the He-Man movie. James Gunn teases a certain ravager’s role in Marvel’s post-Infinity War world. A little more Legion is on the way. Plus, new looks at Amunet Black’s return to The Flash, and an Agents of SHIELD star hints at a connection to Infinity War. Spoilers now!

Finn could be going through some interesting changes in Episode IX. Image: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Lucasfilm)

Star Wars Episode IX

In conversation with the press association (via Yahoo!), John Boyega revealed he’s growing out his hair for Episode IX.

I can’t wait to start shooting the next and final leg of the [Star Wars] franchise. The first step is growing out my hair, so you can wait for the trailer to see why.


Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Fan Bingbing and Lupita Nyong’o have boarded 355, a new spy-thriller from director Simon Kinberg and screenwriter Theresa Rebeck. According to Deadline, the women will play “international agents in a grounded, edgy action thriller that aims to alter a male-dominated genre with a true female ensemble, in the style of spy franchises The Bourne Identity, Mission: Impossible and James Bond”.

In the report, Jessica Chastain revealed she hand-picked the cast of 355, herself.

I called all the women, told them what I was envisioning and that I wanted it to be a collaborative process, and how we would all create this together…the one thing that felt important is that we all show up at Cannes, because that would be the beginning of our journey together. Every single actress I called said yes, on the phone call. They committed to Cannes and to everything. So far it has been a very wonderfully easy process.

Masters of the Universe

That Hashtag Show reports the forthcoming Masters of the Universe movie is, in part, based on the 1986 mini-comics revealing a familial connection between Prince Adam and Skeletor. The outlet also has word the production is looking to cast actors in the roles of Man-At-Arms, Zodak, Teela, Orko, Stratos, Beast Man, Evil-Lyn and Trap Jaw.


King Randor’s loyal weaponeer, Duncan is knowledgeable not only about all things weapon-related, but will also serve as a main source of exposition due to his knowledge of Eternia’s history. It seems reasonable to expect he’ll know a thing or two about the Power Sword, should Adam find some reason to go looking for it.


This version of Zodak was described as the King’s Minister of Technology and his right hand man. In the comics, Zodak was an immortal Eternian, having lived through the prehistoric war of the Ancients and the Snake Men, giving him some unique, if not biased, perspective. It seems that we can expect him to serve more of a mentor role to Adam here, described to us as a bit of an “Obi-Wan” type.


Man-at-Arms’ daughter, Teela is Adam’s best friend and, as you might expect, the two will develop a romantic relationship. In canon, Teela was Captain of Eternia’s Royal Guard and we know that she’ll serve in the military in the film as well.


One of the He-Man’s most loyal allies, Orko will be reimagined as a small man whose self-doubt holds him back from being a reasonably mediocre wizard.


Nicknamed the Angel of Death, Stratos is the leader of the Sky Guards of the Iron Gate Prison on Avion where Skeletor and his crew are imprisoned at one point.

Beast Man

A savage and powerful foe, this iteration of Beast Man will bring a little something different to the table: he’s a shapeshifter with the ability to turn into any type of beast, making him a useful spy for Skeletor as well as a formidable fighter.

Evil Lyn

A powerful and intelligent witch, Evil Lyn is the femme fatale of the film. She will use her power to help Skeletor reconstruct the Havok Staff and, probably, try to betray him and take power for herself.

Trap Jaw

Part man, part machine with razor sharp jaws.

Avengers 4/Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn appears to have confirmed Kraglin survived the events of Infinity War and has “important stuff to do”. Whether that’s in Avengers 4 or Guardians 3 remains to be seen.

The One and Only Ivan

Helen Mirren and Danny Devito have joined the voice cast of The One and Only Ivan, a live-action/animation adaptation of K.A. Applegate’s book about animals living in a derelict shopping centre. Details on their characters are currently under wraps. [Deadline]

Happy Death Day 2

Deadline reports Suraj Sharma and Sarah Yarkin have joined returning cast members Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard for the sequel to Happy Death Day. Sharma will play Samar Ghosh, “a science enthusiast and geek who enjoys coding in his spare time”, while Yarkin has been cast as Dre Morgan, “a science geek and tom-boy with a sleepy feline gaze who is Samar’s partner-in-crime”.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Coming Soon has the latest poster, which is a lot like the rest of the posters’ we’ve seen, but all old-timey and distressed. Y’know, because Westerns in spaaaaace.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool takes Professor X’s wheelchair for a spin in the latest TV spot.

Agents of SHIELD

Speaking with TV Line, Adrian Pasdar confirmed Agents of SHIELD will include “stuff in the background” addressing the new world order in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War.

Yeah, we do have stuff in the background periodically that references and ties into what’s going on with Avengers: Infinity War. Yeah, they use that. They always tie in very well with what’s going on [in the movies].


In a recent interview with AfterBuzz, actor Ser’Darius Blain stated he’s “currently working on Charmed” and that “it will be out later this fall” (spring in Australia), indicating the CW has indeed ordered the reboot to series.


The season finale is titled “Supergirl Returns”, according to Spoiler TV.


TV Guide reports FXX has ordered an additional hour of Legion, increasing season two’s episode count from 10 episodes to 11.

The Flash

Coming Soon has images of the many delightful faces of Amunet Black in “Harry and the Harrison’s”, next week’s episode of The Flash. More at the link.

…and here’s the trailer:

The Punisher

Set photos from season two have been added to the show’s official Facebook page.


Fanpop has images from episode 12 of iZombie, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away”. Click through for more.

The 100

Bellamy leads the charge in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Sleeping Giants”.


Finally, per his request, Jerome’s wake shall be held inside GCPD headquarters in this extended trailer for this week’s episode, “That Old Corpse”.

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