In Defense Of The Last Jedi

In Defense Of The Last Jedi
Image: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Video: Look, we get it. Some of you didn’t like The Last Jedi. And that’s okay! You’re allowed to be wrong.

Our favourite Mikey Neumann explains.

Rian Johnson enters the Star Wars conversation with his 2017 film, The Last Jedi, becoming the second director ever to both write and direct a Star Wars movie. Rey and Kylo Ren continue their journey while questioning the galactic establishment as we know it.

Expectations were high – exceeding them for some, while disappointing for others. Still there is a lot to love about this movie, and it’s place within the franchise.

We have a lot of friends and family who did not enjoy this movie, and that’s OK. No one is rebuked; you are loved either way. But let’s take a minute to have a friendly chat about Star Wars: The Last Jedi.