How To Watch Facebook Pretend Everything Is Absolutely, Totally Fine

How To Watch Facebook Pretend Everything Is Absolutely, Totally Fine

Facebook’s annual developer conference, kicking off Wednesday 3AM AEST, will be one to remember, at least for Mark Zuckerberg. The completely human CEO has had a whirlwind of a month, what with the two days he spent testifying in front of a very confused US Congress, the controversy surrounding his company’s data-sharing practices, and the backlash Facebook faces from consumers upset at the widespread problem of misinformation on the site.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty)

Want to watch a convincingly calm and collected Mark Zuckerberg as he addresses the whirlwind of news surrounding the company at F8? Tune in to Facebook’s own livestream of the event. You can look forward to hearing Mark Zuckerberg, probably in some T-shirt and jeans, talk about data security, and assure developers that it is doing its part to make sure the social media platform will continue to be a positive and certainly not destructive place where they can focus their efforts.

The balancing act between Facebook, its community of users, and its audience of developers will be interesting to watch. Consumers want more control of their data, inarguably Facebook’s greatest asset. They also want a more useful News Feed, with Facebook already addressing the number of news-related posts showing up in feeds.

I’m not expecting Zuckerberg to talk about Facebook’s creepy mind-reading tech, which might be difficult considering its leader left the company in October, but I am looking forward to some talk about virtual and augmented reality, considering how it’s now somehow the least controversial thing Facebook does. Well, as long as you ignore the company’s tasteless VR tour of a hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico in October.

Aside from that, Facebook will probably talk about its Oculus Go headset, the company’s first all-in-one VR headset, no PC required.

Fun fact: Streaming requires you give Facebook your name and email address. You can watch the developer conference live right here.