Here’s A Tesla Space Shooter Where Jeff Bezos Is The Final Boss

Here’s A Tesla Space Shooter Where Jeff Bezos Is The Final Boss
Image: YouTube

Remember when SpaceX launched a Tesla Roadster into space earlier this month? Someone decided to make a game out of it. And included Jeff Bezos. Because why not?

The game is browser-based and was created by the folks over at AutoWise. You can play it over on their website. It’s titled Starman – which is what Tesla called the project as a homage to David Bowie’s classic song.

According to an AutoWise spokesperson, the idea came from a conversation about how Elon Musk is everywhere right now – even space.

In light of SpaceX launching a Tesla Roadster, they thought it would be funny if it was out there battling aliens.

The game itself a basic side scroller where you control the Roadster to dodge and blast enemies such as satellites and meteors. It also has a a chiptune version of Bowie’s Starman playing on loop in the background.

The playtime is only around three minutes, but there is an increase in difficulty (and weapon upgrades) as you go along. Sadly, you can’t play it on a mobile device.

Of course, our favourite part is where you get to battle a giant Jeff Bezos head. Speaking to Gizmodo Australia, the AutoWise spokesperson had this to say about the inclusion:

“The final bad guy was originally just a big green alien, but we decided adding Jeff Bezos would be much more funny, and actually made more sense because of Blue Origin and him being somewhat of an Elon Musk/SpaceX rival.”

We agree.

You can watch an entire play through right here: