Gotham's Been Renewed For One Last Season So Bruce Can Finally Become Batman

While it's been fun to watch as Fox's Gotham has tossed out the traditional Batman origin story in favour of a wilder, more generally batshit spin on Bruce Wayne's early years, we all know that the show's been building to this moment.

In the wake of last week's wave of cancellations, Fox has announced that Gotham will return for a fifth and final season that will follow along as Bruce finally puts on that iconic, ridiculous bat costume and dedicates his life to fighting crime.

According to Variety, Gotham's final season will be significantly shorter than previous installments, but there's no concrete word on just how many new episodes the network will order. A truncated season might not be what hardcore Gotham fans wanted for Bruce and the gang but at least we can all rest easy knowing that when the wild ride that is this show is finally over, it will end with a sense of definite finality and (hopefully) some sort of closure for its heroes.


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