Ford's New Smart Window Lets The Visually Impaired Feel The View

Image: YouTube

Ford Italy have revealed a new prototype smart window that helps the visually impaired to feel the view outside. It's called 'Feel The View and has been made in collaboration with Aedo - a company that specalises in technology for the visually impaired. This how it works.

A camera attached to the car will take photos of the view outside and then convert them into high-contrast monochrome images. These are then reproduced on the glass using special LEd lights.

When a passenger touches the window, different shades of grey will vibrate with a range of 255 intensities. When feeling that vibrating image, passengers should be able to touch the image and mentally build the landscape in their mind.

This tactile smart tech will also include image recognition, with in-built speakers that will describe the scenery outside the car - such as the ocean or a mountain.

As this technology is in the prototype stage, there is no information on if and when it will be available in market.

You can see Feel The View in action below.

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