Ford Filed A Patent For A Motorcycle That Comes Out Of A Car

Ford Filed A Patent For A Motorcycle That Comes Out Of A Car

Photo: US Patent & Trademark Office

Ford might not think it can make a profit off of a Fiesta, but it does seem to like the idea of a motorcycle that pops out of a car’s face.

Now, this isn't something I'd run around the block screaming my head off about, but it is very cool and intriguing: Ford filed a patent at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a "Vehicle With An Integrated Electric Motorcycle." That is both the title of the patent and what is being patented it. Think of it like an electric Honda Motocompo from Ford.

The electric motorcycle is stored between the two front passenger seats, according to the patent application. And "at least a portion of a center console" is part of the motorcycle once is separates from the car.

The application's background states that the restrictions of driving and parking a car in cities, along with future regulations that could ban internal combustion engines in urban spaces, all make the car with an integrated electric motorcycle a good solution. It imagines a situation where the car can be driven to a location where it can be parked, and then the motorcycle can be ridden to the final destination.

Of course, it's also kind of like that badass bat bike that burst out of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight.

Keep in mind that this is just a patent and there's no guarantee of production whatsoever, but it's still cool to think about. You can read the rest of the lengthy application here.

via Autoweek