Disney Showed Off An Animated 3D Fractal... And It's Trippy As Hell

Image: Disney

Advances in computer-generated effects, as well as the hardware and software used to create them, means it's now possible to visual complex concepts in real-time. Take Disney, which played around with several such ideas for the insides of Big Hero 6's portal, in particular this "mandelbulb".

A few days ago, Disney posted the following tweet showing off the effect.

A 3D fractal is actually called a "mandelbulb". As Wikipedia explains:

A canonical 3-dimensional Mandelbrot set does not exist, since there is no 3-dimensional analogue of the 2-dimensional space of complex numbers. It is possible to construct Mandelbrot sets in 4 dimensions using quaternions and bicomplex numbers.

If you feel like you've seen this effect more recently than BH6, it was also used in the film Annihilation.


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