Best Job Ever? Earn $500 For Teaching An ‘Android’ To Walk A Dog

Best Job Ever? Earn $500 For Teaching An ‘Android’ To Walk A Dog

A curious gig popped up on Airtasker this morning…for you, and your dog.

“Are you always the first to buy the latest gadgets and the newest tech to make your busy life easier? Do you know who Isaac Asimov or Arthur C Clarke are? Are you interested in artificial intelligence and the future that androids have in our society? If this sounds like you, then this opportunity to be part of a social experiment involving a CyberLife Android, might just suit your circuitry.”

This is an actual job listing on Airtasker right now to be a tester for a CyberLife Android. A CyberLife Android, of course, is from Detroit: Become Human, a video game – not real life. And this is obviously all the brainchild of Playstation. So it’ll be interesting to see how exactly this will work.

Here’s the full details:

I’m Nick and I work at PlayStation Australia. To celebrate the launch of Detroit: Become Human on PS4, we’re on the hunt for one lucky Aussie to help test the latest in CyberLife Android technology while it performs basic tasks, such as taking a dog for a walk.

We want to make sure that androids are ready for society – and that society is ready for them!

Your role on the day will include:

  • Teaching our android to perform basic tasks correctly
  • Minding our android whilst they integrate with society
  • Troubleshooting android responses to simple instructions
  • Recording the reactions of members of the public on meeting our android

So, if you’re a forward-thinking and tech-savvy Australian resident, that is interested in participating in an amazing social experiment, then we’d love for you to let us know why you’d be the right person for the task!

It’s worth noting that you’ll likely end up in the media from this gig, since it will be filmed and people will definitely want to see it. You’ll need to be an Australian resident with a valid ID, be aged over 18, and be willing to have your experiences shared on social media platforms, too.

Oh, and you also need to let them know if you have a dog. Because that would be handy. The gig is Sydney-based, and will be on May 21.

Only 18 people have applied at the time of publication – so you’re in with a shot! If you get the gig, let us know?