Batman: The Animated Series Is Finally Getting The Tabletop Board Game Gotham Deserves

Batman: The Animated Series is one of those shows whose legacy has only grown with time. Now, over 25 years after the series debuted, Batman: TAS is getting a miniatures tabletop board game that will put a smile on anyone's face, not just The Joker's.

Artwork for Batman: The Animated Series - Gotham Under Siege. Image: IDW Games

IDW Games has announced it's making a Batman: The Animated Series board game called Gotham Under Siege. The game was first teased last week with a tweet showing the character miniatures that have been created for the game, which include Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Catwoman, and a tag team duo of Commissioner Gordon and Officer Renee Montoya.

Designed by Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Elder Sign) and Michael Giugliano, with artwork by TableTaffy and Leonardo Ito, Gotham Under Siege lets one to five players take on the role of Batman and his friends as they fight against the forces trying to destroy Gotham.

During each round, players have to balance story card missions while keeping the streets of Gotham free of crime. Villains such as The Joker will need to be stopped, of course... but if our dark knights neglect the city, there won't be anyone left to save.

Box cover art for Gotham Under Siege. Image: IDW Games

According to PHD Games, the story cards are all derived from the first season of Batman: The Animated Series, and IDW Games has promised there will be expansions in the future. Batman: The Animated Series - Gotham Under Siege comes out this August, and will cost about $US50 ($67).

[IDW Games]

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