Apple’s Smart Speaker Almost Feels Competitive Now

Apple’s Smart Speaker Almost Feels Competitive Now

Do you own a HomePod, Apple’s needlessly expensive smart speaker? Have you ever wished you could connect your multiple HomePods, the ones that sit lovingly in your magnificent house, so they could all play the exact same song at the exact same time? Does that kind of technology sound like it should have already been included when the HomePod launched in February this year?

Well, better late than never – today Apple announced the ability to sync music between multiple HomePods. Two HomePods can also now work as a stereo pair.

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

The ability to sync up multiple speakers is fairly common among the HomePod’s competitors, such as Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home or Sonos. For the few of you who actually own a HomePod, news of the added functionality may be, ahem, music to your ears, but the addition would have also been nice if it was included in Apple’s launch only a few months ago.

That isn’t the only bit of HomePod news out today. Apple also announced that on June 18, Canada, France and Germany will be getting the HomePod. Now even more countries can buy this expensive smart device that might not be selling so hot. Though still in its early stages, increasing the HomePod’s features and expanding its availability is what Apple needs to do for the device to start competing with all the other similar options out there.

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