Apple Is Going To Let You Download All The Data It Collects About You

Apple Is Going To Let You Download All The Data It Collects About You

Apple has announced a new privacy website to help users better navigate just how much of their data is collected by the company, but so far, the feature is only available in Europe.

Apple is suddenly offering this option to users in the European Union to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act, which goes into effect on May 25. The act was passed with the goal of giving users more control over their data.

Instagram recently announced a similar measure, enabling users to download all of their information regarding the photos they have posted and liked, as well as messages they have sent. Facebook similarly allows for users to download all of their data and see not only what they have posted, but also less obvious information like facial recognition and location data. For Apple, the data it collects spans services and features including Apple Music, the App Store, contacts, calendars, notes, and Apple ID accounts.

Apple hinted that all of its new privacy features will become available across the globe soon. “We intend to provide these capabilities to customers around the world in the coming months,” the company wrote.

Apple created a Q&A to explain the process that you can take to download all of your data. There is also the option of permanently deleting all of your data, which appears to be available globally starting today. That process can take up to seven days for a request to be approved, Apple warns, and once you choose to delete your data, there is no way to retrieve it.

Many people won’t have time to go through all of the data that’s slowly built up over years spent using Apple devices and services. Still, it’s nice to be afforded the option of combing through all of the information that one of the world’s largest company holds on you.

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