Ant-Man And The Wasp Gets A Snazzy LEGO Set, And More Of The Most Amazing Toys Of The Week

Ant-Man And The Wasp Gets A Snazzy LEGO Set, And More Of The Most Amazing Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our weekly roundup of all the coolest new collectables we’ve seen this week. We have even more Marvel movie merchandise (only one of which has anything to do with Infinity War!), an X-Files icon, and a very silly Rick and Morty umbrella. Check it out!

LEGO Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantum Realm Explorers

With Avengers: Infinity War already gobbling up box office billions, don’t expect to see an equally massive onslaught of toys related to Ant-Man and the Wasp, which hits theatres July 5. It’s rumoured that this could be the only LEGO set we see from the movie, which is probably why it comes with all of the film’s important characters, including the Ghost. The greebling and detailing on the Quantum vehicle is impressive, especially for a set that will be just $US20 ($27) when it’s available June 1. Australian pricing and availability hasn’t yet been confirmed.


Hot Toys Sixth-Scale Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Gamora Figure

Rounding out Hot Toys’ sixth-scale Guardians of the Galaxy line comes the toymaker’s new 28cm Gamora featuring over 28 points of articulation, eight swappable hands for holding blasters or swords, and a pair of leather pants as detailed as the Zoe Saldana sculpt. It won’t arrive until July of next year at the earliest, but Gamora’s $US251 ($333) price tag could be worth it for the included Baby Groot figure alone, which comes brandishing a bomb for Ego.


Rick and Morty Bird-Flipping, Colour-Changing Umbrella

There’s only ever one proper response to rainy weather, and that’s to flip off the clouds for turning the day into a muddy, soaking-wet mess. But since few of us have much free time for making obscene gestures as we race off to work in the morning, let this $US25 ($33) Rick and Morty portal-themed umbrella do all the bird-flipping work for you. When it gets wet, a mysterious white cloud emanating from the centre of the vortex reveals Rick’s hand and outstretched middle finger, letting everyone know how you really feel about the weather.

[ThinkGeek via Technabob]

ThreeZero 1/6 Dana Scully

The legend that is Dana Scully is finally joining ThreeZero’s Mulder so they can investigate the biggest X-File of them all: Your shelf (and why it’s so dusty all the time, probably). The 1/6 scale Agent Scully is based on her appearance in the early seasons of The X-Files rather than the show’s recent return, and features her classic FBI suit complete with that majestic ’90s-as-hell shirt collar.

For accessories, Scully comes with her mobile phone, her FBI ID, a pistol and a torch, as well as a dazzling array of bonus hands to hold all of those things (although not at once, obviously). She’ll be available for $US168 ($223) when she goes up for preorder on ThreeZero’s website soon, but if you want an extra trench coat for Scully to wear, a deluxe edition will set you back $US180 ($239). [Toyark]

LEGO BrickHeadz Incredibles 2 Mr Incredible & Frozone

LEGO might have been late to the grossly-deformed collectable figure party, but it’s quickly making up for lost ground with its BrickHeadz line. The latest addition is a 160-piece Incredibles 2 two-pack featuring Mr Incredible and Frozone that will ship sometime mid-May for $29.99.


Nerf Vortex Foam Disc Blasters

Nerf’s disc-blasting Vortex line was originally launched back in 2011 but eventually disappeared to make way for other blasters and themes. The thing is, we’ve always preferred disc blasters to dart guns. They can hold more ammo, and because each disc is essentially a tiny frisbee, they fly much farther.

So we’re happy to see that Nerf has revived the Vortex line with three Target exclusives, including the $US25 ($33) VTX Vigilon Blaster, the $US35 ($46) VTX Praxis Blaster and the $US60 ($80) VTX Pyragon Blaster. They all feature pump-action firing (no batteries or charging needed) and can hold anywhere from five to 40 discs, depending on what the budget is for your arsenal. Australian pricing and availability has not yet been confirmed.


Hasbro Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Out Hulkbuster Figure

Most of the Avengers: Infinity War toys premiered a few months ago at Toy Fair 2018 in New York, but a select few were only just revealed this past week after the film’s release. Marvel has obviously worked hard to keep spoilers contained for what is probably the most anticipated film it will ever release, but believe it or not, Hasbro’s $US60 ($80) Hulk Out Hulkbuster figure doesn’t really spoil a thing.

With lights and sounds powered by two AA batteries, the Hulk figure smashes his way out of the Iron Man Hulkbuster armour that can be reassembled again and again.