All Virgin Mobile Stores To Close By The End Of June

All Virgin Mobile Stores To Close By The End Of June

After announcing plans last week to phase out Virgin Mobile Australia, Optus have now revealed more details on how this is going to play out for staff and customers.

In a multi-phase approach, Virgin will first stop selling and upgrading new services on June 15, with the stores themselves closing by the end of June.

However, the network will continue to operate for all existing customers until an undisclosed date in 2020.

Ben White, Optus Managing Director, Marketing & Product, said, “As they are already connected to the Optus network, Virgin Mobile customers can continue to use their service in the same way they always have. We have a special transition plan in place to make sure the impact to customers is minimal, and the experience they have during this time is a positive one.”

Optus stated that they will be offering specially tailored plans for Virgin customers who decide to move over to the Optus network.

Optus also announced that it would be cutting 400 jobs yesterday, in addition to the 200 being lost due to the Virgin Mobile closure.