A Swamp Thing Show Will Soon Be Slithering Its Sexy Way To Your TV Thanks To James Wan

A Swamp Thing Show Will Soon Be Slithering Its Sexy Way To Your TV Thanks To James Wan

Warner Bros.’ newly-named streaming service, DC Universe, looks to be starting things off on the right foot. DC Entertainment has ordered a new live-action series based on the classic comic Swamp Thing, with James Wan (director of Aquaman) serving as executive producer.

Gaze into those gorgeous red eyes. Image: DC

Wan took to Twitter to confirm the announcement, promising all the goodies we could hope for with a Swamp Thing series: Gothic romance and sexy monsters.

According to the press release, DC has given a script-to-series approval for Swamp Thing, meaning it’s basically a sure thing so long as the pilot script doesn’t suck.

The one-hour drama, based on characters created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, will centre around CDC researcher Abby Arcane and her relationship with Alec Holland – who tragically dies and is transformed into Swamp Thing, a monster who fights to protect his homeland and the environment against supernatural and human threats.

Swamp Thing first debuted in 1971 and has since become one of DC’s most-popular (and, strangely, sexiest) monsters. While the series and character have faced some hardships over the years, including a rivalry with Marvel’s Man-Thing that was almost brought to court in the early 1970s, Swamp Thing is beloved in DC fandom.

This series will be the latest in a series of adaptations surrounding the character, since he’s already starred in two films, a live-action TV show and a five-part animated series.

Swamp Thing is set to debut in 2019 on DC Universe, the streaming service that launches later this year.