6 Best Features Of Samsung’s New QLED TVs

6 Best Features Of Samsung’s New QLED TVs

Samsung set out to create an unbelievable viewing experience with its latest TVs – and they certainly hit the mark.

The new 2018 Samsung QLED TV range not only ups the stakes in terms of viewing experience, it also reimagines the look and style of the TV to bring a whole new level of sophistication to the home.

How Samsung achieved this is through a series of innovative new features, and they certainly went big, literally!

Brought to you by the Samsung QLED TV range – bringing amazing experiences to your daily life with exceptional design and innovative technologies.

With models measuring up to 75 inches and an optimal viewing distance of just 2.3m, the big screen experience is now more accessible than ever before.

Here we take a look at the stunning QLED features that will make you want to upgrade your TV immediately.

Ambient Mode

Having a huge TV on your wall is great – when you’re actually watching TV. But while screens have been given ever more prominent positions in our homes, one big problem has remained.

Since most TVs are switched off around 80 per cent of the time, you’re left with a big black rectangle on your wall – not ideal if you care about your home decor.

That’s where Ambient Mode comes in, and it really does bring the wow factor when you witness it in real life.

It essentially displays the pattern of the wall behind it to allow the TV to effortlessly blend into your home.

Simply take a picture of your wall using the SmartThings app and it will magically match up. It’s seamless, and also offers the option to display essential info and personal photos.

And if you’re wondering about power consumption, Ambient Mode uses less power than using your new Samsung TV in normal mode.

When activated, the screen brightness is automatically adjusted to the viewing environment to help minimise power consumption, and because Samsung’s QLED technology comes with a 10-year No Burn-In guarantee, you can enjoy the feature with added peace of mind.

One Clear Connection

OK, this one is seriously impressive and an obvious stand-out feature on Samsung’s new QLED TVs.

It’s basically one clear fibre optic cable, almost invisible, that acts as both a power and data cord.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of one cable – it’s a major push forward in tech capabilities that is actually the first of its kind in the TV industry.

Available up to 15m on the Q7 and Q9 models, there’s no need to start drilling into your walls or commit the ultimate sin of having multiple unsightly black cables hanging from your shiny new TV.

The cable leads to the One Connect box where all your devices plug in, so you can easily hide the clutter out of sight.


Quantum dots is what the Q in QLED stands for – mystery solved!

In short, they are nanoparticles which transform the TV’s backlight into amazingly vibrant colours. In long – well, we wrote a whole other article about the tech behind Quantum dots.

The other big advantage here over other TVs is that Quantum dots are inorganic, making the display resistant to screen-burn damage.

That gives you peace of mind that the striking colours and crystal details on your new TV will resist screen burn – guaranteed for 10 years.

See Everything

While some of the headline features on Samsung’s new QLED TVs are all about style – and rightly so – the substance is still there aplenty.

So what are you getting in terms of picture quality?

First of all, HDR10+ optimises brightness and contrast levels for each individual scene of the movie or show you are viewing. So you’re going to see it exactly as the creators intended, transforming your next home movie session.

Secondly, Samsung has introduced Direct Full Array for 2018, which means the LEDs are controlled precisely to deliver pristine colours and deep blacks.

For day to day viewing, if you’re watching a music concert for example, you should be able to see the entire arena rather than swaths of black where it’s dark.

Smarter Together

As expected with TVs today, Samsung’s QLED range comes with a range of connectivity options.

The Smart Hub brings all your favourite apps together in one place, like Stan, Netflix and YouTube – controlled via the One Remote (more on that later).

You can control your TV from virtually anywhere with the app, as well as linking it up to other devices like a compatible fridge and washing machine – the SmartThings app will make sure your home stays connected!

One Remote Control

When you think about it, it’s incredible that TV remote controls existed for so long with so many useless buttons.

Samsung has been at the forefront of fixing this, and the 2018 One Remote is no different. It controls the TV’s smart functions as well as your other devices.

That includes your Xbox, Blu-ray players and Google Chromecast, all while looking sleek and chic to match the display.

So, if you’re in the market to upgrade your TV, Samsung’s 2018 QLED range is a must-have that ticks all the boxes!