Thanks To Virtual Reality, You Can Visit The Torres Strait Island Being Swallowed By The Sea

Poruma is home to 200 people, all of whom are all at risk of losing their homes, livelihoods, connection to history, country and culture.

Every King Tide is a production through SBS’s Creative Labs which gives us a first person perspective of the community’s spirit, faith and passion for their tiny yet enormously important part of the world.

SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald, says the film is using immersive technology to place audiences at the heart of diverse experiences, “with the aim of creating a deeper understanding of important, but often untold stories”.

Part of the “Untold Australia VR” series, you can watch Every King Tide on the SBS VR app

Also in the series is A Thin Black Line, directed by ATOM award-winner Douglas Watkin, follows the story of Watkin’s own mother, who as a young girl was forced to evacuate during the 1942 Darwin bombings.

With direction from Oscar Raby, founder of award-winning reality studio VRTOV, and illustrated by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee, this 360 degree evolving story paints a picture of Patima’s family life and experiences during Australia’s worst air attack of World War II.

Making up the third fil in Untold Australia VR is Inside Manus, which gives us an insight into life on Manus Island through the personal experiences of three detainees – Abdul Aziz Muhamat from Sudan, Imran Mohammad from Myanmar (Burma), and Amir Taghinia from Iran.

Untold Australia VR is co-funded by Screen Queensland, as part of SBS and Screen Queensland’s commitment to provide increased opportunities for Queensland-based filmmakers and creatives.

“We were thrilled to partner with SBS on Untold Australia VR, as we remain committed to growing our local industry and creating opportunities for them to learn new skills and unearth new and diverse voices in the VR space,” said Screen Queensland CEO, Tracey Vieira.

“We believe that Queensland practitioners are leaders in innovation and adopting new platforms and congratulate Douglas Watkin for A Thin Black Line and Bunya Productions for Every King Tide. VR is truly a powerful platform to tell these stories, evoking a sense of empathy in the audience that can be life changing.”

The Untold Australia VR series has an exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) “ACMI VR Lounge” until June 3.