Turns Out Playing Enough Video Games To Make Your Parents Low-Key Concerned About Your Future Makes You A Great Cybersecurity Professional

Three quarters of senior managers say they would consider hiring a gamer for a cybersecurity role - even if they had no cybersecurity training or experience.

Suck it, Dad. I told you playing "bink bonk" wasn't a waste of time.

The survey also said 46 per cent believe they will struggle with, or it will be impossible to keep up with increase and complexity of threats they will face in the next 12 months, IT security staff need to increase their security staff by 24 per cent to adequately manage their organization's cyberthreats, and 81 per cent) believe cybersecurity would be more successful if greater automation were implemented.

A whopping 78 per cent said the current generation entering the workforce - those that grew up playing video games - are stronger candidates for cybersecurity roles.

The report, titled Winning the Game, looks at the key challenges facing IT security organisations in terms of threats, technology investment and skills required to win the fight against cyberthreats. The survey revealed that efforts to increase job satisfaction, automation in the Security Operations Center and gamification in the workplace are key to "beating cybercriminals at their own game"

"With cybersecurity breaches being the norm for organizations, we have to create a workplace that empowers cybersecurity responders to do their best work," said Grant Bourzikas, chief information security officer at McAfee.

"Consider that nearly a quarter of respondents say that to do their job well, they need to increase their teams by a quarter, keeping our workforce engaged, educated and satisfied at work is critical to ensuring organizations do not increase complexity in the already high-stakes game against cybercrime."

You can download the report here.

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