These Are Your Favourite Automotive Conspiracies

These Are Your Favourite Automotive Conspiracies

Photo: Jae C. Hong (AP)

Conspiracy theories are the spice of life. I don’t trust anyone who hasn’t indulged in a theory or two because they’re honestly just a hell of a lot of fun. I had a feeling y’all would have thought up some great conspiracies in the automotive world, and I gotta say – you definitely did not disappoint

I’ve spent all week refreshing the comments to see what great new theories you came up with.

Creepy Callers (Bop)

West German Efficiency (guinnessfanatic)

Schwan Man (Boneyard Rendezvous)

Fiero Means Merciless (Alex of the Mountains)

Fuel Vaporizer (David Grimshaw)

A Gentleman’s Agreement (K5ING)

Controversy! (Teh Penguin of Doom)

Our Hamster Saviors (GhostCommuter)

Cash for Clunkers (tbp0701)

Why Old Cars Wear Out (Recovering Gajin)

Don’t Mess With Chickens (my car smells like crayons)

Dieselgate (TheBlightOfGrey)

This Happened To Me With My Second Car (JDMadmirer465)

Clean Wheels (chucchinchilla)

Bad News Bunkie (Vee)

Bad Gas Mileage (Dolby109)

Cannibalising Banshees (Aaron Wright)

I Believe It (WonkUnit)