20 Tonnes Of Chicken Nuggets Strewn All Over The Hume Highway Are Causing Lane Closures [Updated]

Yes, you read that right. Chicken nuggets. TWENTY TONNES OF THEM.

You might not be able to drive right up to the site, but surely there's a way for us all to forget the three second rule and get in there with a bucket of sweet n sour sauce.

Vic Roads broke the news on Twitter.

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Thankfully everyone is okay, the truck involved hit an empty parked car before rolling. The driver is fine.

Update: Okay, so it turns out they are still in boxes. And maybe not "all over the road".

Can you blame Andrews for fantasising, though?

There's still no word on if the nuggets will be lost to the "been in a box on the highway" situation. I think this is in order:

And while you have nuggets on your mind, let me remind you of the best nuggets story we've ever had on Gizmodo:

How Many Chicken McNuggets Are In The Big Chicken?

By now, you've definitely seen or at least heard of The Big Chicken. He is large. He contains multitudes. And he is most certainly real.

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