The Upside Down Of Stranger Things Is Coming To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

When the Universal Studios theme parks transform into their annual Halloween Horror Nights events, fans get to visit their very own pop culture nightmares. The event is filled with mazes based on some of the coolest, scariest horror properties in the world - and this year, that trend will continue with a certain Netflix show.

Stranger Things is becoming a maze at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Photo: Netflix

That Netflix show, of course, is Stranger Things. Working with the show's creators, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Singapore will each have a maze based on the first season of the show. It will include Hawkins National Laboratory, the Byers home complete with flashing Christmas lights, the Upside Down, and definitely an encounter with the evil Demigorgon. Here's a brief teaser video.

This is just the first announcement for the 2018 event, which begins Friday, September 14 in Hollywood and Orlando, and on Friday, September 28 in Singapore. For more info, follow along on Twitter.

We've been attending Horror Nights for the past several years (see some coverage below), and while Stranger Things will be fun, for 2018 we're really hoping for one thing: Stephen King's It. The 2017 Horror Nights took place while It was still in theatres, and having a massive horror movie playing at the same time as the event, but not being represented, felt like a huge miss. Fingers crossed, we get to float too.

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