The Aston Martin Vantage's Awesome Highlighter Green Is Actually Called 'Lime Essence'

The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage came into this world decked out in a fantastic eye-searing highlighter green, looking every bit like the expensive super tuner car from the future it should. And only now am I finding out the official name for this colour and I don't know exactly what Aston was going for.

The same colour, different lighting.Photo: All Images Credit Aston Martin

Indeed, it's called Lime Essence.

I saw this online and assumed, hey, maybe some other random website dubbed it that as a joke. Ha ha. Lime Essence. Lie-Mess-Ents? Lime-Ess-Ants? Whatever. Couldn't be real.

But no, search the actual Aston Martin website and there it is, staring back at you like you were looking at an ad for Pledge.

Photo: All Images Credit Aston Martin

Oh well, it looks cool, even if it's got a name like a kitchen cleaner. I'm not mad.

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