Data Shows Tesla Battery Degradation Under 10% After 250,000km

Image: Destin Sparks

A bunch of Tesla owners decided to gather data from 350 vehicles across the world to see how battery degradation they experienced. And they've shared it in a public Google doc.

Anyone familiar will electric vehicles will know that one of the biggest concerns is battery longetivity. Unlike regular petrol engines, which will generally get the same distance through the car's lifetime, electric cars are different. So members of the Dutch-Belgium Tesla Forum took it upon themselves to test their batteries out.

Originally reported by electrek, the informal data shows that most battery packs lose 5 per cent capacity after the first 80,000km. However, they seem to level out after this point and the data suggests that an ordinary battery pack may reach 300,000km before hitting 10 per cent degradation:

Image: MaxRange Tesla Battery Survey

Of course, this is not an official study and there are outlier batteries included. But it's still fascinating to see data come out of real-world scenarios and outside of lab testing conditions. And important when you consider that Model S and X Teslas don't have battery degradation included in their warranties. However, the upcoming Model 3 will have a 70 per cent capacity guarantee.

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