Telstra Cable Users Are Suddenly Getting Better Speeds [Updated]

Telstra Cable Users Are Suddenly Getting Better Speeds [Updated]
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Good news, Telstra cable customers! People on Twitter and Reddit have been reporting free speed upgrades on their accounts! And it has now also been confirmed by Telstra.

Reports on the speed increases initially appeared on Twitter on April 19. Since then, it has been written about on Oz Bargain and Reddit.

Users posted on Oz Bargain that customers on the cable base plan should go from 36Mbps to 55Mbps down and 1Mbps to 5Mbps. For customers on a Speed Boost plan, their download speeds will remain at 115Mbps but upload will go from 2Mbps to 5Mbps.

If you are a Telstra cable customer and your speed haven’t changed, try power cycling your modem/router to update the configuration files.


On April 23 Telstra officially announced the free speed boost, which has affected roughly half a million cable customers.

They have also confirmed that the new download and upload speeds that we previously reported.

Speaking to Gizmodo Australia, Jana Kotatko, Head of Fixed Products at Telstra said that “We know how integral fast broadband is to your life. And that you’re increasingly streaming video to screens big and small throughout the home. That’s why we’ve just sped up our cable service so our loyal home and small business cable customers get faster speeds at no extra cost.”

This story was originally published on April 21.