Riverdale’s Musical Episode Was Absolutely Incredible And You Can Listen To The Full Soundtrack Here

Riverdale’s Musical Episode Was Absolutely Incredible And You Can Listen To The Full Soundtrack Here

Holy blood-soaked nightgown, Batman! Riverdale’s musical episode had no right to be that good… but it was! If you were counting down the minutes to when you could start learning the Carrie-inspired tunes yourself, you’re in luck – the entire soundtrack is available to listen to for free right now.

The preview looked amazing but I was still sceptical. While the CW gave us a fun Supergirl/The Flash crossover musical not too long ago, I was expecting a lot more from it, especially considering how many singers exist between the two superhero shows. But Riverdale gave us a true musical with characters breaking into song left and right that not only worked as the Carrie musical (well, because it’s a real one) taking place in the show itself, but also fit naturally with the current storylines of the series and helped move it forward.

WaterTower Music, Warner Bros.’ music label, has the album for sale in all the usual spots but it has also done us the wonderful service of posting the full soundtrack, which runs just under a half hour, to YouTube.

The track list:

1. In

2. Carrie

3. Do Me a Favour

4. Unsuspecting Hearts

5. According To Chris

6. According To Chris (Reprise)

7. You Shine 8. You Shine (Reprise)

9. Stay Here Instead

10. A Night We’ll Never Forget

11. Evening Prayers

As an FYI: Carrie: The Musical was written by Lawrence D. Cohen, with lyrics by Dean Pitchford, and music by Michael Gore. You can find the lyrics to the songs included in the episode, and more, right here. Now let’s briefly discuss the highlights of “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember.”

  • Getting Betty’s mum Alice in on the action was a great idea.
  • Jughead filming everything was… a bad idea, right? There was some sensitive information being shared in some of those conversations.
  • The ’70s dancing felt a little awkward on these modern folks but the costumes were far out.
  • Though I thought plot-wise there was no coming back from recent fights, Betty and Veronica and Josie and Cheryl making up through song was outstanding so I’ll let it slide.
  • Ethel 100 per cent should have at least gotten the chance to audition for Carrie’s role but thank god she wasn’t backstage when the Black Hood decided it was time to kill again (RIP, Midge, we barely knew ya!).
  • Is Chic the Black Hood’s kid?
  • “Thespian terrorism.”
  • Cheryl covered head to toe in fake blood is all I’ve ever needed. Her stand-off against Penelope was pitch perfect.
  • Archie finally took a stand against Hiram, but will it last?
  • And then of course there was this ridiculousness…