How Did James Franco Convince So Many Celebrities To Be In His Terrible-Looking New Sci-Fi Movie?

Video: You’d be forgiven for having forgotten Future World, Lionsgate’s upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller written, starring and co-directed by James Franco that was first announced almost two years ago to little fanfare.

The cast of Future World, a film whose existence I do not understand. Photo: Paramount

Future World (not to be confused with the 1976 Westworld sequel, Futureworld) is described as the story of a young boy named Prince and his android companion as they journey through a desolate, desert wasteland. It didn’t sound like much more than a questionable Mad Max knockoff at the time, and seeing the first trailer now… that still very much seems to be the case.

There are two things about the trailer, though, that are truly shocking and lowkey fascinating. First, everything about the movie looks cheap. Second, Future World is stacked with big-name celebrities that have no business being in a movie that looks this bad.

What bet did Snoop Dogg, Lucy Liu and Milla Jovovich lose to end up in this thing? Like, sure, they have all been in their fair share of shoddy movies over the years (who hasn’t?), but Future World looks to be the sort of ordeal that might earn you a reputation for having questionable taste in projects.

But hey. Who knows? Future World could end up being an absolute cinematic masterpiece when it hits theatres or (more likely) is available on demand sometime later this year.