Hisense 2018 ULED Range: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Hisense 2018 ULED Range: Australian Pricing And Release Date
Image: Hisense

Hisense have just announced their 2018 ULED range. Here’s how much they’ll cost and when you can get them.

Unsurprisingly, picture quality is something that they’re really striving for. In addition to the use of Quantum Dot colour, it also contains prime array backlight technology (with more than one thousand dimming zones) and HDR Supreme 2500-nit peaking brightness.

“Whether you’re ready to upgrade to a 65-inch panel or a larger than life 75-inch panel, Hisense’s Series 9 is our most impressive TV. Our TVs produce the most accurate depth of colour and brightness while maintaining superior black levels,” said Chris Mayer, Product Specialist at Hisense Australia. “This, coupled with the integration of VIDAA U 2.5 and the new RemoteNOW app, has resulted in a high quality, seamless viewing experience.”

Here are the highlights of the flagship 75-inch Series 9 model:

  • 200 smooth motion rate
  • Prime array backlight with 1000+ dimming zones
  • Quantum dot colour
  • HDR Supreme 2500-nit peaking brightness
  • Ultra HD premium
  • Ultra local dimming
  • Depth enhancer
  • Hi-view engine plus
  • Hi-sound pro
  • Sports mode
  • VIDAA U 2.5 Smart TV platform

Interestingly, only the P8 and P7 models (which are also much cheaper) had Game Mode called out as a feature in press materials. As Hisense’s ULEDs are the offical TVs of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, far more emphasis seems to have been placed on Sports Mode. It has since been clarified by a Hisense representative that the entire range has Game Mode.

As a reminder, Hisense announced at CES that they will be launching their first OLED television later this year, but we won’t have any details for a few months.

But back to the ULEDS! Here’s the RRP breakdown:

  • 75P9 – $6,499
  • 65P9 – $4,499.00
  • 75P8 – $4,999.00
  • 65P8 – $3,699.00
  • 75P7 – $4,499.00
  • 65P7 – $3,299.00
  • 55P7 – $1,999.00
  • 50P7 – $1,499.00

The entire range will be available in stores in June.