Fully Armed And Operational Cat Battle Stations, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Fully Armed And Operational Cat Battle Stations, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our weekly roundup of all things wonderful and plastic. This week, even more Avengers: Infinity War madness, Lego’s latest Creator Expert set, and we all bow down to our feline overlords, because the feline overlords are now packing insane amounts of heat. Praise them, and the rest of this week’s toys!

Hot Toys Sixth-Scale Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster Power Pose Figure

Hot Toys’ 30cm action figures are lavishly detailed, accessorized, and articulated, which to many collectors totally justifies their $US200 -$US300 price tags. The cost gets even more steep with larger figures, like the massive 51cm tall Hulkbuster. In an effort to keep the cost of its new Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster reasonable (relatively speaking), Hot Toys is introducing a Power Pose version which is limited to just six points of articulation. The detailing is still incredible, however, and it comes with swappable hands and 18 light-up features powered by internal LEDs and batteries. You’ll just have to wait until mid-2019 at the earliest to grab one.

[Hot Toys]

Bandai Spirits Neko Busou Tenkomori

Literally, it’s a model kit of a cat heavily armed with its own walking battle station of weaponry. What more do you need to know? Part of a new range of feline plastic kits Bandai is selling, the first in the series features Socks the cat, who you dress in a “jacket” that then lets the furry fella get connected into a giant mecha monstrosity. The attachments to the cat battle station can each transform into individual smaller vehicles and weapons if you want to pose them separately from the cat, but honestly… why are you even buying this if not to have a cat-piloted mecha on your desk? The kit will set you back around $US14 when it releases in Japan this August. [Bandai Hobby Site]

Lego Creator Expert: Roller Coaster

It’s almost time to start charging minifigures admission to your miniature amusement park now that Lego has followed up its carousel sets with this towering 51cm tall, 4,000-piece roller coaster that will be available starting June 1 for $US380 ($501). In addition to 11 new minifigures (eight of which feature reversible heads with alternate emotions), the set comes with two coasters, a working chain drive to carry riders up the hill, and the option to attach a working motor instead of using the manual hand crank.


Candylab Toys Drifter 978

Can toys be art? You can’t hang Candylabs Toys’ retro-styled wooden model cars on your wall, but parked on the corner of your desk, they’re a lovely reminder that not all toys have to be injection moulded. Made from solid beech wood that’s been painted and protected with a urethane coat, the company’s latest model, the Drifter 978, takes its inspiration from classic Land Rovers. The hand-stitched, waxed canvas soft top is a testament to the attention to detail that goes into these cars, as is the magnetically-attached surfboard. With a $US65 price tag, you probably won’t want your kids coming anywhere near them.

[Candylab Toys]

SH Figuarts Anakin Skywalker

Bandai’s line of highly poseable Star Wars figures heads to Revenge of the Sith for its latest release, in the form of Anakin Skywalker. The figure includes Anakin’s trusty lightsaber, multiple hands for him to pose holding said lightsaber or gesturing with the Force, and three different faceplates depicting alternate expressions: a “normal” face that is Anakin’s default sullenness; a “Sith” face which is pretty much the same, just with the evil yellow eyes Anakin develops after slaughtering all those damn younglings; and then… the “scream” face. Which, as you can see above, looks sorta questionable? It’s not great, but then two out of three isn’t so bad. Preorders for Very Angry Annie will be available from today in Japan, for around $US60. [Toyark]