Facebook Will Finally Stop Letting Third-Party Apps Spam Your Profile

Facebook Will Finally Stop Letting Third-Party Apps Spam Your Profile

Facebook has been revamping its policies over the last few weeks, undoubtedly in response to the fact that it impressively failed at protecting many of its users’ data. In its latest batch of updates, the social network announced that new third-party apps will no longer be able to post on Facebook on behalf of users.

The company announced in a post on its developers page that apps created Tuesday and on will no longer have permission “to publish posts to Facebook as the logged in user.” For existing apps, this permission will be revoked on August 1st.

Facebook users have long offered users the option to opt out of this particularly invasive feature. A separate settings page on Facebook allows you to block apps with these permissions from posting to your wall without disconnecting from the app altogether.

This was of course not feasible for ALL apps – some required this condition in order to use them. In that case, users could change the visibility settings so that only they could see any posts published by the app. But for users who may have not known this workaround, or who may have forgotten to opt out, today’s deprecation is great news.

Facebook is clearly trying to gain user trust back following the Cambridge Analytica disaster. While it can’t retroactively change the fact that 87 million of its users were impacted by the massive screw-up, at least Facebook can belatedly limit the permissions of third party apps going forward.