Everyone Missed This Amazing Detail In That FKA Twigs Apple Commercial

Last month, Apple released a snazzy new music video commercial directed by Spike Jonze with music by Anderson Paak and starring FKA Twigs. So far it has been viewed roughly 8,725,000 on YouTube. I can’t be the only one that noticed this incredibly dark switcheroo it pulls right in front of your eyes.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I’m obsessed with this music video – and now possibly with a kidnapping as well. I’ve probably watched “Welcome Home” 25 times since it came out because I love the trifecta of talents involved, and I am willing to ignore that fact that it is a commercial for a product that I have zero interest in.

Anyway, back to the kidnapping. Somewhere around the 20th time I watched this video, I noticed something disturbing. Toward the end of the video, Twigs dances with herself in the mirror, then gets spun around, and goes back to real life. But wait! The FKA Twigs who looks all relaxed and content at the end of the video is not the same FKA Twigs from the beginning. It’s the Twigs from the mirror dimension, which means the real FKA Twigs is still trapped there. Don’t believe me? Watch the video above.

See, at 0:54 in my video (3:25 in the actual video) things get tricky. There’s a quick cut in there, which makes it a little hard to distinguish between the Twigses (Twigii?), but if you slow it all the way down, as I did, you’ll see that Original Twigs has her head turned sharply to the left, and when it cuts back to the wide shot it’s still turned that way, whereas Mirror Twigs is looking directly at her target the whole time, smiling. As you can see in the video, the Twigs left behind original Twigs. Cold blooded.

Now, is it possible that Spike Jonze did this intentionally? Absolutely! If you’re familiar with Jonze’s work, you know he is prone to mind-bendy surprises. So, it’s definitely possible that it was a little Easter egg he buried for observant viewers. I’d be surprised if something like that were to slip by him, though I suppose there’s the chance that they just did it because it worked better for the choreography and they hoped nobody would notice. But there are maniacs out there who notice these things!

So, what has happened to poor Twigs? What does it mean to be stuck in a mirror when nobody is looking in it? Is it perpetual darkness? Nonexistence? Can we start a petition? Tim Cook, Spike Jonze, the world wants to know: What happened to the real FKA Twigs?

We have reached out to Spike Jonze’s prduction company and will update if we hear back. We’ll start a GoFundMe if a ransom is involved.