Deadpool 2's Next Marketing Gimmick Is Colouring Book Pages

This isn't an April Fool's Joke. We don't think. It's just Deadpool.

Deadpool. But you knew that. Image: Fox.

In keeping with a marketing campaign that, from the start, has been fascinated by both art and holidays - from Bob Ross tributes to Thanksgiving promotions, not to mention a recent Easter Egg hunt - the newest gimmick to promote the upcoming release of Deadpool 2 is a good ol' round of youthful colouring.

At (Deadpool It Yourself, naturally), the Merc with a Marketing Budget is offering downloadable colouring pages to print and decorate to your heart's content. You can also submit your coloured work to the website, presumably for some later marketing campaign. Or maybe you'll win a drawing of Ryan Reynolds giving you the finger or something.

Of course, mailed-in submissions must be made out to "Deadpool".

Deadpool 2 is out this May.


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