Canadian Hells Angels Terrorise Hotel By Posting 1-Star Reviews

The Manitoba Nomads, a Canadian chapter of the Hells Angels, doesn't take crap from anyone - especially hotels that discriminate against its members.

Screenshot: Dale Kelland (Instagram)

Dale Kelland, an alleged leader of the Nomads, called on all bikers to boycott the Marion Hotel after he learned the hotel did not welcome chapter members who wore their emblem, according to a report from Canadian news outlet CBC.

Kelland - who has has more than 5000 followers on Facebook and more than 1,000 followers on Instagram - posted the call to arms on social media. He appears to have removed a Facebook and Instagram meme that read "Fuck the Marion Hotel, shitiest bar in Winnipeg," and included the comment "This Bar in Winnipeg Discriminates Against Bikers and Their Supporters.. All Independent Bikers [Motorcycle Clubs] [Rider Clubs] and all Riding Groups Should Boycott this Smelly Crack Shack," followed by the poop emoji, toilet emoji, needle emoji, vomit emoji and other emojis, punctuated by another poop emoji.

Nomad supporters first posted negative comments on the hotel's Facebook page, but when the business removed the page, they targeted Marion Street Eatery, the hotel's restaurant, which welcomes patrons with a chalkboard that reads "People who love to eat are always the best people."

Screenshot: Facebook

CBC reports hundreds of Facebook users posted one-star reviews on Marion Street Eatery's page, which lowered the score from 4.5 stars to three stars.

Several days later, bikers pivoted their focus to TripAdvisor. A spokesperson for the travel site told CBC that it removed reviews that seemed to be associated with the boycott movement, because the company views it as "vandalism".

Screenshot: Yelp

Nomad supporters have also been posting on the Marion Hotel's Yelp page, which at time of writing featured only two photos - one of a young David Duke in KKK regalia and another of a man with his genitals hanging out of his shorts. A Yelp spokesperson informed Gizmodo that the photos of David Duke and the man with his genitals hanging out of his shorts have since been removed from Marion Hotel's page by Yelp's user operation team for violating content guidelines.


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