But, Why?

But, Why?
Image: Shutterstock

If you’re all-too-familiar with the embarrassment of large, dark patches under your arms, then you’ll agree that staying cool, calm and altogether not-sweaty can be tough.

Now, thanks to technology, you can jam a fan right up in there, right in your armpit, because that’s normal, right?

Welcome to But, Why? – where we look at gadgets that make us question the direction of humanity as a whole.

And here we are.

To combat excessive sweating and the associated unpleasant odours, the fine folks at Yellow Octopus are offering up the Clip-on Armpit Cooler Fan – an electronic fan that clips onto your clothing to blow a gentle, cooling breeze at your pit region.

The palm sized gadget from is Japanese trend shop Thanko, becasue of course it is, and aims to eliminate armpit sweat – which can be a huge problem under the beaming Australian sun and is only set to increase with the continued ignorance of our government towards the threat of climate change.

“We know sweat patches and BO can be an issue all year round, so we want to offer these people a tech-focused solution that goes beyond standard deodorant. This gadget is small, quiet and it works, and at $39.99 it won’t break the bank,” says Yellow Octopus Founder Derek Sheen.

Billed as a “discrete” 6.5cm by 6cm by 1.5cm, with a small “whisper-quiet” battery-powered motor, this device is “perfect for pit-cooling on public transport”, apparently. You can “blow on-the-go” for a generous 7-ish hours, or use the included USB cable efficiently aerate your pits via a USB battery pack.

Because that’s normal now, folks.