Adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures, And More Of The Most Totally Radical Toys Of The Week

Adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures, And More Of The Most Totally Radical Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our’s regular dosage of all things merchandise. This week, we have claws out for a very cool Iron Spider figure, LEGO’s descent into chibi-figurine madness continues, and Overwatch‘s premiere edgelord slinks into action figure form for the first time. Hide those wallets, the toys are here!

Hot Toys Sixth-Scale Avengers: Infinity War Iron Spider

A suit augmented with a bunch of extra robotic arms didn’t work out well for Spider-Man when he went up against Dr Octopus. But that was a different cinematic Spider-Man, and a good idea is a good idea!

In Avengers: Infinity War we’ll finally get to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man don Tony Stark’s Iron Spider Suit (which looks much better than the comics version of the Iron Spider, honestly), but until that flick hits theatres, Hot Toys new sixth-scale figure will have to tide us over.

Featuring 30 points of articulation, the 28cm figure also includes alternate heads with swappable eyes, glowing LED-lit eyes, and an unmasked new sculpt of Holland. Availability isn’t until mid-2019, at which point the Infinity War sequel will already be en route.

[Hot Toys]

Justice League Tactical Batman and Superman LEGO Brickheadz

It isn’t easy being a DC Comics fan, at least when it comes to movies. Justice League didn’t exactly deliver the same experience the Avengers films have, but at least that isn’t stopping LEGO from expanding its Brickheadz line. It’s already given us squat, angular versions of Batsy and Supes before, but these Justice League variants, including a tactical version of Batman, look slightly less cartoony, though no less adorable. You can grab them starting May 1 at $29.99 for the pair.


Figma Overwatch Reaper Figure

Figma’s line of action figures based on Blizzard’s excellent hero shooter Overwatch has a new recruit in the form of everyone’s favourite angsty man, Reaper. Based on Reaper’s default skin from the game, the figure comes with Reaper’s trademark Hellfire Shotguns for him to fire (and then casually toss away when it comes time to reload, in gaming’s most wasteful reload animation), as well as special FX accessories to recreate him using his abilities from the game, such as Shadow Step or his ultimate attack, Death Blossom.

Sadly, there’s no support-class Overwatch Figmas yet for you to pose Reaper sneaking up on, like all annoying Reaper players do, but he can be yours for $US80 ($104) when he releases in early 2019. [Figma]

Mezco One:12 Collective Blade Figure

Before Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man movie, Marvel superhero films were disappointing at best. But there was one standout, as Wesley Snipes’ take on Blade – AKA Eric Brooks, the Dhampir – showed Hollywood that comic book movies could be great. Mezco has finally immortalised the character as part of its 16cm, One:12 Collective line, and while it doesn’t have as much stature and detail as Hot Toys’ figures do, it also will come with a cheaper $US80 ($104) price tag before it ships in December.

Packing 30 points of articulation into a 16cm figure is an impressive feat, but Mezco is also including an alternate head sculpt, eight interchangeable hands, and a small cache of tiny weapons, including Blade’s signature sword.


NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baby Turtle Accessory Set

You know what’s adorable? Baby dogs, baby cats and sometimes even baby humans. But baby versions of half-man-half-turtle mutants? Even after first seeing them 28 years ago in the original live-action TMNT movie, these still creep us out. But giving credit where credit is due, we have a few more images of NECA’s upcoming baby turtle set, which, for better or worse, are remarkable clones of the puppets created for the film. The set even comes with a properly-scaled pizza box and bag of corn chips.

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