5 Gadgets That Will Transform Your Cooking In 2018

Spending time in the kitchen can be a serious drainer, but let’s face it, we all need to eat and ordering takeaway seven days a week isn’t a great plan for your body or wallet.

Fortunately, Spotlight stores have heaps of kitchen gadgets and appliances to help even the kitchen novice achieve their meal prep goals.

Here are our top five kitchen innovations to help you go from kitchen nightmare to master chef.

Nutri Blender

Every kitchen needs a blender and the nutri blender is a modern day must have. The beauty about these mini mixers is they puree whole foods, fast.

They’re perfect for quick nutrient-dense meals. Preparing fruit and vegetables can be time consuming, especially in the morning when you know you should be getting in a nutritious breakfast but have minimal time.

Just throw it all into your nutri blender, with some coconut water or natural yogurt, blend and go.

This kitchen tool is perfect for making smoothies, juices, soups, mixed drinks, desserts or even chopping herbs. With the powerful motors they pack in, the whole process really is super fast.

Spotlight offers a range of entry level models all the way through to premium brands.

Soda Makers

We all know we should cut soft drinks and sodas out of our diets; they’re full of sugar (up to 39g per can), the disposable packing is terrible for the environment and you’ll inevitably crash a few hours later.

But a glass of ice water just doesn’t give the same satisfaction. This is where a soda maker comes in. It’s a small kitchen appliance that will inject bubbles to any flat liquid.

It’s super cost effective, turning tap water to sparkling water in minutes and you can add all kinds of flavourings, from natural fruit juice to tasty syrups.

Owning a soda-making gadget allows you to choose natural flavours and control the amount of added sugar in your cold drinks.

Not only does making your own soda at home give you control over your sugar intake, it allows you to help the environment too. Making soda at home is a small, positive step in winning the war on plastics.

Rotating Pizza Oven

Never order pizza delivery again. Counter-top pizza ovens are a small kitchen appliance that delivers fresh homemade pizza in 30 minutes or less.

The rotating pizza oven features a rotating ceramic stone large enough for a 12-inch pizza, which is the perfect meal for one or make more to share with mates.

The rotating pizza oven top and bottom elements guarantee crispy bases and perfect melted cheese. With the flexibility to choose your own healthy toppings, now pizza night can be every night.

Digital Food Dehydrator

Owning a food dehydrator means making healthy snacks at home has never been easier. Many dried fruit snacks and meats contain preservatives to lengthen their shelf life in supermarkets.

Sulphur dioxide is one of the most common ones and it can cause nasty side effects in high dosages. By making your own dehydrated foods, like dried apricots and beef jerky, you’re cutting out the nasty preservatives.

The IMK Professional SLFD280 Digital Food Dehydrator features four BPA-free stacking trays, which means you can dry a lot of food at once. Dehydrating takes several hours and this kitchen tool comes with a 12-hour timer so you can just set it and forget it.

Vacuum Sealer

When food is exposed to the air, it begins to oxidise, which means it’s slowly going off. Vacuum packing food is the best and easiest way to keep air away and in turn, keep it fresh for longer.

Vacuum sealing sucks all the air from the storage bags to preserve food and reduce the package size. Sealing meat, fish and fresh vegetables before freezing can prevent freezer burn and also retain flavour and nutrients.

Investing in a vacuum sealer is a great way to get the most out of your food and minimise trips to the supermarket.
Having an ample supply of kitchen appliances is just the thing to ramp up your cooking confidence.

Spotlight is your one-stop-shop for kitchen gadgets and so much more.