Listening In With The Yamaha HPH-W300

Listening In With The Yamaha HPH-W300
Image: Yamaha

While ear-buds are popular, it’s hard to go past a good set of overhead cans. Yamaha’s HPH-W300 offer Bluetooth and wired with support for the SBC codec required by Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile as well as the AAC and aptX codecs which boost performance for Apple and Android devices respectively. With 24 hours of battery life, the Yamaha HPH-W300 headphones, these are a great set of headphones for the discerning music lover.

Once I charged the HPH-W300 headphones, using the supplied micro-USB cable, I connected them over Bluetooth to an iPad and iPhone. Listening to a variety of different content, including movies stored locally and streamed, as well as locally held music that was either ripped from my CD collection, downloaded from iTunes or streamed from Spotify. The headphones can be connected with up to eight different devices, covering the needs of those with a smartphone, tablet, laptop desktop PC and perhaps even a single-purpose music player with connection options to spare.

The HPH-W300 headphones were comfortable although I did find the headpiece a little firmer than I’d like. However, it was easy to adjust to reduce the pressure on the top of my head. The pads around the 40mm drivers are soft and comfortable and, even after several hours, they were still comfortable although, like many over-ear headphones, your ears can get a little warm.

Sound quality was excellent. Although they lack active noise cancellation, the pads did a great job of blocking out ambient background sounds. Listening to music of several different genres, there was great separation of higher and lower-pitched notes and I could clearly pick out different instruments when listening to classical music.

Bass is not too heavy although you can use the equaliser features on your preferred playback software to change that if you prefer.

Interestingly, and unlike most other playback devices, the HPH-W300 headphones support connections to two devices at the same time so you can play and pause one device and the other will automatically take over. That’s a nifty option – I often watch a movie using my iPad while I’m on a train or plane and then flip to music for a while on my iPhone. being able to do that without messing about with Bluetooth settings is quite useful.

At $249, the Yamaha HPH-W300 headphones aren’t at the budget end of the market, But with great sound quality and comfort, they are well worth considering.