When Will You Get The NBN?

When Will You Get The NBN?
Here's the same NBN picture you've seen 100 times already. Image: iStock

NBN’s “address checker” tells you when you can contact a retailer to get connected, as well as what kind of technology will be used.

To find out your updated installation information, you can head to the address checker here.

“As the nature of the rollout requires a certain level of flexibility, nbn will continue to refresh the website to reflect any changes with the rollout,” a statement read.

“The number one question we get asked is ‘when am I getting the NBN?’ and todays update to our website provides the answer to that very question,” said NBN’s Chief Customer Officer, John Simon. “We have moved away from telling people when we’ll be building in their neighbourhood to when they can contact their retailer to buy a service.”

Simon says “tech enthusiasts who are interested in what kind of technology their retailer will connect them to” will be able to see that information, too.

“It’s not until we are in the streets that we have a clear view of the technology available to individual homes so there are times where a different solution is determined to be better than that which was planned,” Simon said.

“NBN relies on address information from external sources that are outside of our control which means we do discover the odd exception within our database containing around 12 million locations. We will continue to update our website as more information becomes available.”