Watch These Modern-Day Wright Brothers Make A Classic Little Tikes Toy Car Fly

Sometimes the question, "Can I do this?," is far more interesting and exciting than asking, "Should I do this?" The RC hobbyists behind YouTube's FliteTest channel understand this truism and wondered if they could get the classic Little Tikes Cosy Coupe ride-on toy to fly.

Like the original Wright Flyer, the answer is yes, a Cosy Coupe can fly — for at least a little bit. After a couple of failed attempts that required some extensive, emergency, on-airstrip repairs, the ride-on toy does eventually get off the ground, thanks to a pair of massive electric motors with 71cm propellers that each produce over 14kg of thrust.

This was by no means a cheap experiment. The extensive upgrades made to the Cosy Coupe were far more expensive than the ride-on toy itself, which made the end of its first flight even more tragic, as the plane tore itself apart mid-air before landing.

Science is messy, but for something like this you'd want to make sure you can both take off and land safely before putting a toddler behind the wheel — that is the ultimate goal, right?


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