Watch 13.8 Billion Years Of Space History In 10 Minutes

Watch 13.8 Billion Years Of Space History In 10 Minutes

Consider the entire history of the universe. Humans? We’re nothing. A speck. A dot. A crumb in a sea of cosmic biscuits. That sort of thing. So when you condense all 13.8 billion years of old “uni”, where do we end up? At the end, of course, with everything about us lasting a fraction of a second.

This video, created by musician and remixer John D. Boswell, does its best to show the life of the universe, starting with the Big Bang and ending with giraffes.

Makes you feel small, doesn’t it?

To get it all to fit, each second of video equates to about 22 million years. So don’t feel bad if you miss a few bits — you can always hit rewind.

This Timeline Shows The Entire History, And Potential Future, Of The Universe

This new timeline by Slovak graphic designer Martin Vargic does a wonderful job of describing the last 13.8 billion years of space -- and what might happen in the next 10 billion, too.

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Makes you wonder what the next 14 billion years hold in store for us. Probably death by uh, heat death, but that’s better than cold death, right?

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