This Real-Life Spider-Man Theme Park Ride Will Come To Australia (If It Gets Crowdfunded)

Who wouldn’t want to be able to fire ropes from their hands and swing around like Spider-Man? My guess would be hedgehogs. But, if you’re not a hedgehog (and let’s be honest, if you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly not), inventor Trajan Dimsey wants to make your airborne dreams come true by touring the world with his rope-slingers, including a stop in Australia.

Dimsey has set up a rather ambitious Kickstarter for $441,058 that, sadly, has only managed to bring in $2877. With only seven days left, I don’t think he’ll hit the mark.

Still, if you watch the video above, you can get an idea of what you would have been like.

According to Dimsey, you don’t need to be Conan the Barbarian to actually swing — a “special body harness” makes sure you’re not carrying all the weight through your arms.

Image: Trajan Dimsey

For those who wouldn’t (or couldn’t) swing, Dimsey’s “theme park” would have offered a target range so you could just shoot ropes at stuff.

Image: Trajan Dimsey

Kudos Mr Dimsey for giving it a shot… so to speak. Hopefully, you won’t be discouraged by the less-than-successful Kickstarter and find another way to make your touring theme park happen.

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