These Nikon 'Surf Photo Of The Year' Images Will Take Your Breath Away

Earlier this month Nikon held its annual Surf Photo of the Year awards (in partnership with Surfing Australia). Photos in the comp can be taken anywhere around the world, and are basically the most stunning views of the ocean you're likely to come across this year. Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

Trent Mitchell took out the prize with an image from his "Tessellated Seas" collection, which has been his focus the last five years.

"Tessellated Seas is an ongoing body of work exploring human connection with nature," Mitchell explains. "Intrigued by the reasons why people are drawn magnetically to the sea, I set out to discover how this connection may develop through time."

"I worked systematically at location that makes me feel connected and grounded to nature during the creative practice. Simplifying the variables and working without judgement of the conditions was critical in building a cohesive body of work over a long period of time. To find variations in light, colour and energy I worked at very specific times of day and positioned myself in the same location to take every photograph over the course of the project, much like traditional landscape artists.

In alphabetical order, here are the finalists from the competition, along with Mitchell's winning image.

Alex Brunton

Craig Parry

Jack Dekort

Jamie Scott

Mark Onorati

Peter Jovic

Philip Thurston

Ryan Williams


Ted Grambeau

Trent Mitchell - Winner

The Winning Image

Woddy Gooch

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