The Mystery Of Ahsoka Tano Will Remain A Mystery For A While

The Mystery Of Ahsoka Tano Will Remain A Mystery For A While

The final moments of Star Wars Rebels left fans with a lot to talk about. Where are certain characters? What happened to others? And what’s been happening in the Star Wars universe? Those answers may come in time but one specific mystery, in regards to Ahsoka Tano, will remain just that.

A former apprentice returns and she surely has a story to tell. Photo: Disney XD

At the end of Rebels, the story skips past the events of the original trilogy. After the battle of Endor, Ahsoka Tano, the former apprentice to Anakin Skywalker, reappears after what we assume is a long time. Sabine Wren leaves Lothal with her to find Ezra Bridger. Which raises a ton of questions, not the least of which are: Where has Ahsoka been all this time and why does she look like that?

We spoke to Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni about the finale, and one of the many interesting tidbits he provided was in regard to Ahsoka and her costume.

“I get a lot of requests to release designs so that people can make costumes and I’m always very in favour of that. Except this time,” Filoni told us. “[Ahsoka’s new outfit] is the only one I’m not going to release to the public at this point. So that mystery is going to be a mystery for a bit.”

Is it the staff? The cloak? The colour? What about it is so important, we asked.

That staff. That belt. That turtleneck. Where has Ahsoka Tano been? (Photo: Disney XD)

That staff. That belt. That turtleneck. Where has Ahsoka Tano been? Photo: Disney XD

“Oh, her entire look is important,” Filoni said. “It’s very important. It’s specific to her journey prior to seeing her at the end of Rebels. But I won’t go into much more detail about that because, in my mind, some of those things, while I understand the general path of it, I don’t understand the specific details as of yet – because I haven’t had to think about it in detail yet. And I don’t want to lock myself into promising the audience something if I later go into those things and explore.”

OK… but, any details at all?

“I designed it a certain way with [art director] Kilian Plunket. People are already trying to guess ‘Is it just a staff? Is it some kind of saber staff?’ That would be exciting. We’ll have to see. But the image of her, everything about it was important. Even the inclination of her head, where her jawline was. Everything about that moment. So I think it carried off the way it was intended and we’ll have to see.”

Filoni wouldn’t tell us what he’s doing next, only that he knows what he’s doing next, “for the most part”.

“It’s a weird way to answer it, but it’s a more complex answer than what you might think,” he said. “It’s not as simple as it used to be, which I would say that’s a good thing. Things will be revealed over time.”

And, hopefully, that refers not just to Filoni’s next project, but Ahsoka Tano herself.